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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zen Soap《禪皂》RM20

Zen Soap- Balances Mind and Spirit

Refresh your mind and spirit by using our Zen Soap after a long and stressful day. For aromatherapy, cedar wood essential oil is used to stimulate mind , calms and balances energy, promotes spirituality, improves oily skin and it has sedating properties that relieves itching.And we added sandal wood and magnolia essential oil which they truly offer an amazing aroma that both calms the nerves and stimulates awareness. You can feel the relaxing effects of magnolia essential oil that will definitely soothe your senses. It promotes positive aura, enhancing your mood through the day.
White clay stimulates circulation to bring health and vitality, especially suitable for sensitive, dry and mature skin types, and for children.

Charcoal has proven track record for its detoxifying power. It is used to effectively cleanse and whiten your skin, unclog pores, remove impurities and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, resulting supple, delicate and smooth skin.Zen Soap brings the beauty, healing and meaningful nature to one's personal daily ritual.

Zen Soap also makes the perfect gift for art lovers, sport lovers, spiritual seekers, and meditation or yoga enthusiasts!
Be inspired every time you reach for your bar of soap! Gaze upon your Zen Soap at your sink, tub, or shower for a moment of calm, centered peacefulness. As you gently cleanse your skin, allow your mind to rest and your soul to be nourished and refreshed.

Art Washes Away from the Soul the Dust of Everyday Life. -Pablo Picasso

Not tested on animals Pure, gentle and naturally moisturizing

RM20, 100g±10g bar, vegan friendly soap.

Ingredients: olive, palm, coconut, canola, sweet almond oilAddictives: menthol, white clay and charcoal powder
《禪皂》净化舒压、放松肌肤RM20 重量: 100g ±10g


天然的成份配方能深層清潔肌膚上的油垢,修護各種肌膚問題,增強皮膚的防禦能力,調整pH值。 特殊配方中的備長碳俱負離子,有深層洗淨力、除臭、抑菌的功能,能收斂毛細孔,除痘,控油,平衡油脂。




白玉蘭精油能够增加人体免疫功能,可消除异味、抗沮喪、抗焦慮,抑制细菌,處理輕微中暑、頭暈、胸悶、呼吸困難等問題, 另一方面也可缓和精神压力.禪皂很適合长期处于压力下的您, 藝術愛好者,靈修者,冥想, 氣功, 運動或瑜伽愛好者!

我们不一定有时间练瑜珈, 運動或者定时静坐或靈修,但总要洗澡。每天一次,净化自己, 净化心灵。放松身心是应该的。
最佳適用: 一般性/混合性皮膚/油性皮膚/敏感皮膚


Monday, March 14, 2011

Natural Lipbalm《護唇膏》RM10 (choose your own flavor)

Do you want to protect your lips from dryness without synthetic intrusion? This lip balm is made with very rich oil, with moderate menthol.Smooth, creamy and silky, not waxy.

Not tested on animals, fairy approved.
Ingredients: olive infused purple gromwell root, sweet almond oil, shed butter,cocoa butter, beeswax; menthol, pure essential oil


RM 10
Please choose flavor: lemon, mint, rose, peach & pure.
*Hypersensitive lips please choose pure or mint.

Lipbalm cover depends on availability!

Sweet packaging for lovely you!

選擇護唇膏口味: 檸檬,玫瑰,薄荷原味


*甜杏仁油滋潤唇部肌膚,預防龜裂乾澀, 能在唇部表面形成飽水保護膜

*護唇膏保濕柔潤、解決唇肌的嘴唇乾裂及所有問題, 適合一年四季使用


適用對象:敏感性膚質, 唇部乾裂脫皮者, 日常滋潤修護用

成分: 紫草浸泡橄欖油, 甜杏仁油, 乳油木果,可可脂,黃蜂蠟,薄荷瑙, 精油

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