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Friday, May 17, 2013

Breast Milk Soap Or Mother Milk Soap Pattern Design Part 1

1 batch need 8 oz(240ml) and can make into 8pcs of soaps and price from RM80 - RM120 per batch ya:)

We can meet in Giant Bandar Puteri Puchong , Ochado Bandar Kajang, MCD Taman Connaught Cheras, Solaris Mont kiara Cold Storage , Ikano , Midvalley, or Serdang or Sunway Piramid etc depend which both convenient ya:) Preferably weekday after 6pm onward.
*If your from Seremban(selected weekend only), do note me, so we can arrange and collect from u at Jusco, Terminal 1 and etc.

♥Mother's milk Custom Order 《母乳皂代製 》!Recommended! 推薦皂款:
1. 1 Batch (8pcs of soaps) RM80 / Baby Marseilles soap/馬賽寶貝皂
2. 1 Batch (8pcs of soaps) RM100 / Oat Milk soap/燕麥母乳皂 (*Favourites)
3. 1 Batch (8pcs of soaps) RM120 / Mugwort /Purple Gromwell/ Hinoki/ Seven White /Osmanthus /Artemisia/ Pearl / Yurong Powder soap/艾草/紫草/檜木/抹草/桂花/七白/珍珠/ 玉容散平安皂(*Popular)
4. 1 Batch (8pcs of soaps) RM120 / Herbal soap/草本保濕皂
5. 1 Batch (8pcs of soaps) RM120 / French Clay soap/ 礦石泥粉皂
Details for the type can read HERE

Total 800g±10g (1 batch) will be cut into about 8 pieces of soap in square bar which about 100g ±10g each and individually packaged and labelled. Beside the traditional square bar, you can refer to our new pattern as well!

♥♥♥Breast Milk Soap pattern(最新的的皂形): Love shape, Strawberry Baby Girl Booties(草莓娃娃鞋) ,Cute Bear Baby Boy Booties(小熊娃娃鞋), Rilakkuma Bear(懶懶熊),Antique Grandpa's Car (古董老爷车) & Rockabye Rabbit Baby(木马兔宝宝),12 Horoscopes in Star Shape,12 Horoscopes in Square Shape, 12 Chinese Zodiac &Single Eye Camera .

Custom orders are welcome especially for event, party or wedding! 
♥♥Please SMS/call Patty for more details at 019-2171015 or e-mail us at

Saturday, May 11, 2013

♥Breast Milk Soap-Love of the Mother to Baby♥

天然的母乳,滋潤、溫和...親手為寶貝及家人,製作呵護肌膚的皂是最適合給Baby及全家人使用的天然清潔用品! 從裡到外都是媽媽愛! 特別以母乳皂做為清潔用品,這份愛更親近與親子觀關係!純母乳皂絕對能深得妳心。 Mother's milk is known to contain exceptional nutrients, which makes it a precious food for infants. Soaps made of mother's milk are said to have the ability to benefit sensitive skin and soothe skin irritations such as eczema. It is also popular to be used as face soap and is said to work magic on skin.If you interested to custom made breast milk soap using your own breast milk or our breast milk storage, please visit HERE for more details! Or interested to learn and DIY your own breast milk soap,please visit HERE for more details!

full moon soap gift for tsueyi mama and baby gerald

Thank you Tsueyi mama's order to cute baby Gerald!

                         Pricing for Baby Full Moon Soap Order:(with organza gift bag & gift card)
Each soap 80g±10g, minimum 10pcs, please refer price below:
50pcs ~RM500 
100pcs and above ,please do email us at
Note: Custom orders are always welcome, especially for special events, baby showers, party and weddings! Workshop and private classes are also provided. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at or call Patty: 019-2171015 !

Handmade is not mass production ( the more you produce, the cheaper it gets), but handmade is meaningful because it takes the same time and effort and cost to make each and every piece, so above pricing is the best price I could offer as party favour!
Soaps will be ready 7 working days from the date of ordering.
Each soap weight 80g ±10g & Soaps can be kept for minimum 2 years.

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