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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mia Liquid Soap《米亚液体洗发&身体皂》RM25 LIMITED EDT

This is an wonderful, bubbly and handmade chemical-free solid hair and body liquid soap made with ground camellia oil and loaded with lemon, peppermint and rosemary essential oil. Camellia Oil is a high quality extract from the camellia plant. And Camellia oil has been used for centuries to care for hair, scalp, nails and combination skin. Its soft texture melts into the skin to supply immediate comfort and hydration.
Plus,Camellia Oil blended with sweet almond oil may be used on a mother’s growing belly to prevent stretch marks and soothe itchiness.Camelia oil contains Vitamin E and antioxidants and because of these properties the oil is used to help hair grow faster. It also able to creates fine lather to cleanse your hair gently and lock in moisture.
Mia Liquid Soap can prevents further damages, turning your hair into shiny, healthy hair.
A healthy dose of olive oil provides a lavish moisturizer and rich in herbs that helps in cleaning the hair thoroughly and gently.

This soap helps your hairs to reveal smooth, naturally. With it’s concentrated natural material to actively stimulate hair renewal. It's for smooth you can see, smoothness you can feel. Your hairs will become more elastic, and smooth day after day while using it.

RM25, 110g±10g bottle, earth friendly.

Not tested on animals Pure, gentle and naturally moisturizing

Totally free of harsh synthetic detergents that dries your hair and scalp and pollutes you and our waterways.

《米亚液体洗发&身体皂》深層清潔毛囊、柔亮順滑RM25 重量: 110g ±10g
本款液体主要用来洗发,起泡丰富而且很细腻,不信的可以尝试一下及體會那柔細且豐富泡沬幸福感,保湿效果NO1,洗后头发会变得很柔软。山茶花油能提升髮 膚的保濕力與養份的迅速吸收;並能在表皮上形成一層保護膜、是製作洗髮皂的頂級優質油、有潤澤毛髮及誘導皮脂回復原有的調節能力、平衡PH質!

最佳適用: 宝宝/一般性/混合性皮膚/乾性皮膚/乾性髮質/易落髮者/受损发质/干枯无光泽,严重开叉,易断的发丝

1. 將頭髮徹底沖濕 (勿把頭髮搓亂)
2. 開始搓泡,邊洗邊按摩頭皮,以頭皮洗淨為主。
3. 開始沖水 (要順著水流的方向沖洗,邊沖邊按摩頭皮,勿把頭髮搓亂,搓亂時易打結)
4. 擦乾頭髮或吹乾頭髮。如果有需要,可以使用天然植物油潤髮。


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eunice Mother's Milk Custom Order《Eunice Chia 媽媽母乳皂代製》

Been sometime I didn’t blog about breast milk soap that I created or made, life has been amazing and hectic with lil keith around and work, therefore I am sorry that I am slack in blog to share more breast milk soap creation that I made for all lovely mommies. Apologize to all and thank you for the great support in my little humble handmade soap business.
This dreamy breast milk soap is custom made for pretty mama Eunice. 1st batch is Pink Seven White breast milk soap. Seven white herbal powder which good for whitening, reduce scars and make the skin glow and radiant. It was specially formulated by Taiwanese Chinese Herb Medicine Doctor according Malaysia skin types and weather.
To create the lovely sweet pink color, I used Pink Clay, Pink clay is a gentle clay, making it suitable for all skin types, particularly good for dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin. 2nd batch I used purple gromwell infused oil to create the purple color for the soap.
 Purple gromwell infused oil reduce eczema and detoxify when used externally especially for people with acnes, prickly heat, eczema and itchiness due to unknown causes, inflammation and allergic skin.
Hope Eunice Mama loves all the soaps I made for her and many blessing to her and the family. 母乳是上帝的恩賜,將母乳入皂,可以透過洗澡將母乳用來呵護小寶貝稚嫩的肌膚,如此母乳可以由內而外給寶寶全面的照顧。
這2批的母乳皂是Eunice媽媽訂購的, 有粉紅七白母乳皂和紫草母乳皂! 七白粉(就是用七位中药配出来的白芷、白术、白茯苓、白芨、白芍、白附子、白蔹)對于美白皮膚有特效。對于消除皮膚斑點、消除皮膚痘痘有着立竿見影的效 果。 紫草浸泡油具有抗菌、消炎及防止肌膚暗沈的作用外,更可促進真皮組織之再生。 喜歡我將滿滿的祝福和心情灌注在每塊手工皂裡~ 謝謝你 Eunice Mama再次的母乳皂訂購! 謝謝支持~

Saturday, August 17, 2013

SOLD Soap Saver Pouch ( 抗菌皂袋/起泡网)RM22 each - available in Pink & Green color

Exfoliating mesh Soap Saver Pouch from the (蜜洁)bathshop, great to hang and store your favorite soap without making a mess in the bathroom.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SOLD-Calme Soap 《安靜皂》RM22 ***LIMITED 8pcs only.

Calme Soap gently cleanses and calms your skin, and produce a good lather! Treat yourself Calme Soap because you deserve this little everyday luxury!
Mugwort has great anti fungal, expectorant, uterine stimulant, haemostatic and anti-asthmatic properties. You will be amazed for its wonderful and hidden power.
Hinoki Wood has great antiseptic properties, long lasting and moisturizing. It smoothes your skin's texture, minimizes visible signs of aging, and simulates circulation. And it gives mild scrubby feeling which is refreshing during your shower.
檜木氣味天然溫暖祥和,可以幫助平緩濕疹, 痤瘡、皮炎、不安的肌膚。金盏花可预防色素沉淀、增进皮肤光泽与弹性、减缓衰老、避免肌肤松弛生皱。 艾草,據說家裏的小朋友若是受到驚嚇,用艾草洗澡後就會比較好入睡. 艾草粉對於皮膚消炎、殺菌、除斑、活化肌膚效果顯著。
每一個人也需要有安靜的時刻。洗澡是一個非常神聖, 安靜的狀態,自然而然更能深刻的感受自己的內在,慢慢的按摩, 讓肌膚清潔后,感觉白了,獲得本來擁有的舒服,並帶來沉澱的心。
 安靜皂沖洗快速俐落,超輕爽的,而不乾澀!希望安靜皂給您安心 &幽靜的境界…  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

SOLD-Pixie Loofah Milk Soap《粉精靈絲瓜皂》RM16 ***LIMITED 12pcs only.

Our Pixie Loofah Milk Soap making it suitable for all skin types, particularly good for dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin. Added French pink clay which naturally rich in trace elements, it helps to stimulate circulation to the skin while heals, disinfects and with tissue-firming and gentle exfoliate effect.Added Goat milk help to make your skin soft and supple, and smoothing fine lines including stretch marks and scars.
Loofah is a vine fruit that grows like a cucumber and is one of nature's best exfoliants. It removes dead skin cells, as well as improving circulation.A stimulating loofah encased in moisturising soaps creates a fabulous body scrub. Great for dirty garden hands or on those tired feet, or just enjoy the invigorating effect it has in that first shower of the day.
• Loofah donut soap is designed to make every bath a spa experience.
• Loofah donut Soap work to massage tired feet, sore tired shoulder muscles and as an all over soap massage in one.
•Try using your loofah donut soap in circular motions across tired shoulders.. ohh my.. just one try .. you'll see why Loofah Soap will will be a must in your daily routine.
Not tested on animals Pure, gentle and naturally moisturizing 
RM16, 100g±10g bar, earth friendly soap. 
 Ingredients: loofah,calendula infused olive oil, goat milk,ylang ylang eo,rose eo, coconut oil& palm oil.
《粉精靈絲瓜皂》美白肌肤、修復保湿RM16 重量: 100g ±10g

絲瓜中含防止皮膚老化的B族維生素,增白皮膚的維生素C等成分,能保護皮膚、消除斑塊,使皮膚潔白、細嫩,是不可多得的美容佳品! 絲瓜的天然纖維可以去除膝蓋,手肘,腳跟部位的硬皮,邊洗澡邊去角質,一舉兩得!

加入絲瓜網,洗去髒汙,尤其針對粗糙皮膚部分可去除角質,及修護皮膚,撫平細紋,加強保養身體的每一吋肌膚。香皂中鑲入絲瓜網,洗澡方便。加入羊奶, 羊奶是乳制品中最接近母乳,营养成分最全、最易被人体吸收的奶品。另外羊奶中超氧化物岐化酶含量丰 富,对人体有抗炎,抗衰老作用。因此长期饮用或洗用, 有美容养颜和延缓衰老的功效。

SOLD-Black Cosmos Soap《黑石皂 》RM22 *limited to 8pcs only

Black Cosmos soap -a face and body bar that is conditioning and tender to skin that will make your skin cleaner, smoother and healthier!
Black Cosmos soap contains charcoal in addition to a combination of essential oils wonderful for any skin type, not drying just soothing.
Charcoal has proven track record for its detoxifying power. It is used to effectively cleanse and whiten your skin, unclog pores, remove impurities and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, resulting supple, delicate and smooth skin.  
Ingredients: sweet almond oil, macadamia oil,palm oil,chamomile eo, rosemary eo, soya milk,charcoal powder, mugwort eo & patchouli eo. 黑石皂彻底清除老化角质、黑头以及毛孔深层污垢, 适合夏季来使用,帮助清洁你的肌肤排毒, 用后皮肤清新。 备长炭粉功能:
 1 超强的吸附功能,可扫除油光污垢及预防青春痘。
 2 保湿性好,竹备长炭有超强的吸水性能,保湿性也很好。
 3 按摩皮肤,竹炭具有超强的远红外功能,含有竹炭的护肤用品,对皮肤有按摩效能,促进血液循环,加快新陈代谢,用保细胞活性,使皮肤更加年轻化。 
4 去脂除垢,温柔洁净。
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