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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happiness Mother Milk / Breast Milk Soap Making Workshop (幸福媽媽母乳皂課程)

Happiness Mother Milk / Breast Milk Soap Making Workshop (幸福媽媽母乳皂課程)
Mother's milk is known to contain exceptional nutrients, which makes it a precious food for infants. Soaps made of mother's milk are said to have the ability to benefit sensitive skin and soothe skin irritations such as eczema. It is also popular to be used as face soap and is said to work magic on skin.
To mother, it is also a great way to turn leftover mother's milk into something the babies can derive benefit from.

Milk in majority of cases does not exacerbate skin conditions but rather promotes healing.
It is gentle enough for children. It is also an important ingredient for those who have under gone long illness or which have led to their skin becoming raw, very sensitive and painful. It gives a much gentler option to other soaps and does not contain any chemicals.

It is an excellent option for other dry skin conditions. For everyone else the luxury of using milk soap speaks for itself.

The cold-process method is one of the most traditional ways of making soaps. Come learn about soap making and share the joy of creating soaps for your whole family to use.

Calculations and formula will be shared, as well as introduction on ingredients, tools and equipments, and tips. Learning to make mother milk soap or breast milk soap is one of the best options in natural cold process soap making.

Benefits of Mother Milk in Soap:
• Mother Milk contains proteins, vitamins, amino acids and other minerals our body needs both topically and internally.
• Mother Milk is soothing and moisturizing and it is also a natural cleanser and exfoliates gently thus adhering itself well to soap making.
• Lactic acid found in milk human breast milk it is said to be anti bacterial and anti microbial.
• Another thing about Mother milk is it contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids(AHAs) an ingredient in a lot of anti aging products. AHAs break down the glue that holds dead skin cells together enabling skin rejuvenation to take place.
• Using Mother milk in soaps leaves skin youthful, soft and silky.
**Please do not use colostrum. Your baby needs it all, that is liquid gold so don't sell your babe short. A good time to start collecting milk for this class would be about a month after you have established breast feeding. Your important infant/mother bond comes first!!

Workshop 1: Baby Marseilles Mother Milk Soap
Savon de Marseille -The world’s famous soap prized on its purity & gentle care.
Marseille soap became outmoded in the 1960's, but with a rise in ecology and the search for the most natural products possible, Marseille Soap has regained its popularity. Savon de Marseille has the reputation for being kind to the skin and it is recommended for general skincare, because of its mildness and anti-bacterial qualities.

Workshop 2: Happy Swirl Mother Milk Soap
Be more creative with your soap making and learn how to use colors and additives to add some “swirl swirl” to the appearance of your soap! Get your creative juices flowing—and inspired with different techniques to beautify your soap

Workshop 3: Herbal Balm/Insect Bite Balm
Learn to make your own herbal balm or Insect Bite Balm to keep bugs away this summer.
It contains calendula oil to soothe itching and inflammation and promotes healing on fresh bug bites. This herbal balm is quite mild and gentle, suitable for relieving insect bites and minor skin allergies....It’s also wonderfully scented with pure essential oils to keep bugs away from you too.

Date & Time: Weekday 8pm-11pm, Weekend 8am- 11pm , Weekend 2 – 5pm or choose your time
Class Language: English (supplemented with Mandarin/Cantonese/Bahasa Melayu)
Class Fee/ person: RM550 (Original price: RM720)-Including welcoming gift, materials and handling fees)
Class Deposit: RM300 each person (this fee is non-refundable in the case of absentee)
Venue: Lulla Belle Dreamland at Bayan Villa Bukit Serdang

Each participant will need to bring minimum 250g of Frozen Breast Milk (can make 1 kg of soap) or 500g of Frozen Breast Milk (can make 2 kg of soap, no extra charges for this) and will receive a special certificate of recognition from Lullabellesoap for this class!
Participants Capacity: 1 – 4 person Promotion: Register as a pair RM 1000.
handmade soaps by students from this class!
horoscope and swirl swirl soaps&etc!

Simple tea time for student to take a break!
It will be a private and small class.

Please reserve & enquire at or call Patty 0192171015.

天然的母乳,滋潤、溫和...親手為寶貝及家人,製作呵護肌膚的皂是最適合給Baby及全家人使用的天然清潔用品! 從裡到外都是媽媽愛!將過期母乳入皂製成 母乳皂,使用母乳皂洗澡,用母乳來呵護小寶貝稚嫩的肌膚,如此母乳可以由內而外給寶寶全面的照顧。

母乳皂泡沫纖細柔軟, 能加強肌膚保溼力、給予肌膚長效潤澤前所未有沐浴體驗!
想要體會母乳皂的滋潤嗎?! 快來報名幸福媽媽母乳皂課程吧,我們還有代訂母乳皂啲。

歡迎懷孕,哺乳,產後媽媽一起參與, 報名歡迎联络 Patty 019-2171015或电邮至Patty的信箱

課程時間:週六或週日(2:00pm~5:00pm) or 週一至週五(8:00pm-11:00pm)
上課人數:一人即可開班, 最多4人.

1. 母乳皂基礎概念
2. 手工皂理論、手工皂配方的講解說明
3. 油脂的INS值、皂化價
3. 添加物的選擇與運用
4. 手工皂的使用注意事項
5. 實際製作一天堂然紫草膏/驅蚊香膏
6. 兩堂超低溫母乳皂課實際操作:
‧自製母乳皂1 kg 或 2kg (取決於你的母乳供應250克或500克)
‧ Lulla Belle手工皂
‧ 手工皂課程講義
**製作母乳皂的媽咪請自備250克或500克的冷凍母乳喔~ (勿退冰喔)**
上課地點"Lulla Belle Dreamland" 在Bayan Villa Bukit Serdang

如何來到Lulla Belle Dreamland 手作工作室呢? 在确定收到款项之后,会透过电邮通知有关地址及詳情.報名方式 來信或SMS報名資料:姓名、電話、信箱

課程時數 :大約 3.5≈ 4 小時

付費方式 ATM轉帳 or Online Transfer or Credit Card payment
銀行帳號 Maybank 114290059998 Patricia Wong Pik Yau

联络 Patty019-2171015或 电邮到的信箱

如所定日期未能配合 , 請留言以便另作安排 , 同時亦可預約日期及時間開班 (一人即可開班)


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