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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ee Leen Mama Mother's Milk Custom Order《EeLeen 媽媽母乳皂代製 》

These 2 batches of soaps cater for sensitive and rashes skin which are Merry Baby Oat soap and Calendula Marseilles Blessing soap.
The 1st one Merry Baby Oat soap, I added with organic fine grinded Oat which helps regulate the excess oil of the skin by revitalizing it gently. Moisturizes and gives skin its soft, smooth and natural appearance.Oatmeal provides exfoliating and colloidal (fine) qualities. In the exfoliating action, oatmeal flakes scrub away dead skin cells. The soothing colloidal action of oatmeal binds moisturizing emollients to your skin so that it is softer and more elastic. Oatmeal also reduces redness, itching and minor skin irritations.

Oats is healing grains. They are rich in vitamins and beta glucan which soothes sensitive skin, moisturizes dry skin and relieves itching, irritation, and inflammation. They also make a pair of good partner for the people wear make up regularly and rough skin and good in moisturizing.

Added Frankincense essential oil which widely used in modern cosmetics to rejuvenate the skin and has excellent cytophylactic properties (encourages the growth of skin cells) while being a good all-over skin tonic. It is also effective in healing sores, carbuncles and wounds, while reducing ugly scaring and reducing skin inflammation. Frankincense essential oil is a powerful ally in the fight to keep wrinkles at bay, while at the same time improving the tone and quality of the complexion, even in more mature skins.

At the same time, Grapefruit essential oil has a sharp, refreshing citric aroma that clears and focuses the mind. As an anti-depressant, grapefruit essential oil is at once calming and energizing. Grapefruit essential oil contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that fights free radicals. Free radicals cause premature tissue damage, vision deterioration and nervous disorders. Grapefruit essential oil also is beneficial when applied topically to the skin to treat wrinkles and acne and to prevent wound infection.

Lastly added very thin layer of mugwort which is very* Good anti-aging and natural skin alternative treatment for skin rashes and pimples. It increase skin's radiance and decrease inflammation.

Second batch of soap will be Calendula Marseilles Blessing Soap, Marseilles soap has its own strict rules about its production and ingredients. Each block is made with at least 72% olive oil, Marseilles soap is pound of wonderful natural goodness.
I added with Calendula infused oil, caledula and powder are considered to be the most nourishing ingredients for sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. This soap is ideal for sensitive and delicate, dry or damaged skin, suitable for children as well as adults. Has a light lemon -orange-ish scent. It is ideal soap for babies and kids.

Hope Ee Leen Mama and her baby Qiqi will love it and I truly appreciated the trust and patience given by Ee Leen Mama.
Back to mother milk soap, if any mommies have extra or expired mother milk, you can always turn mother milk into soap and mother milk soap is very mild and tender to baby skin as well as adult too. If you have no experience or less time or etc, you can always custom order your mother milk order with Patty, detailed please click HERE!

Ee Leen媽咪與寶寶~希望你們會喜歡!
手做溫暖, 一種愛的表現, 也是一種幸福傳遞! 簡簡單單, 也能讓人感動
喜歡樸實造型皂皂使用方便, 無論外型最重要是~在於使用者使用性問題!

第一批燕麥寶寶母乳皂, 燕麥有維生素B群, 礦物質及蛋白質,具有很好的抗發炎及緊膚功能,能有效延緩肌膚衰老,美白肌膚及溫和清除角質層。



最後我還用了艾草粉做薄薄的一層皂, 艾草因為有保溫、淨化、幫助入睡及溫灸而聞名於世!

第二批母乳皂做了金盞寶貝皂,金盞花含植物固醇,皂角酮,類胡蘿蔔素,B- 胡蘿蔔素酮等美容成份。具殺菌消毒,消除充血,促進傷口癒合,鎮痛等功效。

金盞花有鎮靜修復及安撫的作用,對於發炎狀態中的皮膚有極佳的效果!由於其作用溫和,也常見用於乳液或嬰兒用品的成份中, 可以保濕並修護皮膚. 金盞花浸泡油無論療效、或視覺效果,都予人溫和舒適的感受。


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