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Monday, December 13, 2010

Handmade Soap Care

Handmade Soap Care:
Our soap is still "lively"! We don't use any synthetic chemicals so our soap is delicate and may melt faster than commercial soap. This means that without proper care your natural soap may become mushy and soft.

Here's how to take care of our soap:

-Keep in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.
-Use a wooden, ceramic or even plastic soap dish with good drainage
-Don't leave your handmade soap in a puddle of water
-Use within 12 months.

If yours natural bar of soap ever does become soft, mushy or looses its shape just pat it back together and let dry. You will notice that it could last even longer than any commercial bar, and you will be able to enjoy your wonderful handcrafted soap to the very last little piece.

When getting handmade soaps as a gift, do consider this little tip- include a soap dish with natural soaps or other skincare luxuries in your bath and body gift basket to the gift recipient if they are new to handmade soaping. They will appreciate your good sense and thoughtfulness.
1.手工皂的熟成期手工皂的熟成期約為一個月所以製皂日的一個月後才是手工皂可以使用的日子未熟成的手工皂pH值較高皂化也還不完全, 請還不要急著使用喔!皂皂必须完全成熟才能使用,每块皂皂上均标明成熟日期。其实皂皂在过成熟期后再存放一段时间洗感会更好。包裝袋打開將手工皂放在陰涼通風處接觸空氣(避免潮濕)完成熟成約一個月後就可以使用了


3. 手工皂上的白色物質部分的手工皂上會有一層白色物質,這是手工皂在皂化過程中所形成的皂粉是正常的請不用擔心,只要用水清洗過一次白色的皂粉便會消失





c. 手工皂放置的時間愈長內含的甘油成份會釋放愈多對身體愈滋潤(甘油是絕佳的保濕劑)一般市售香皂會將甘油取出賣給化妝品業者,因此僅有清潔的功能並無手工皂的保濕效果



f. 纯天然的皂皂一般不会发生过敏,但每个人的肌肤不尽相同,有些人会对皂皂中的某一种成份过敏,建议使用前先在手臂内侧擦试,无红肿、刺痛、发痒即可放心使用。

g. 因为用惯了合成洗涤剂,初次尝试手工冷制皂,极少数人会感觉不适应,表现为长小痘痘、皮肤发红等,这是正常现象,一般只要坚持使用一段时间就会消失(因为角质层28天为一脱落周期,所以这种现象不会超过一个月), 如出现大面积过敏现象,请立即停止使用,必要时请医生诊治。

h. 因为皂皂不含两性界面活性剂,所以对眼睛有一定的刺激性,清洗时请闭上眼睛,如不慎皂水入眼,也无需惊慌,用清水立即冲洗干净即可。

6. 皂皂是纯手工制品,带点手工的粗糙味是它的特色。因为是手工切割,每块皂皂不可能一模一样。

Ordering and Shipping

Ordering and Shipping
In addition to high quality and great value products we are proud to offer great customer service. We carefully pack and offer custom shipping on all our orders to make sure you get the lowest rates. If you’re local call us or email us arrangement for pick up.Simply fill out your order and email to us, please refer to the following steps:
How To Buy :Step 01 Please email the quantity of soap, name, contact number, local postal address and email address to ,with the title [Order Lullabelle Soap] on top.

Step 02 After receiving lullabellesoap 's email, please bank-in the total amount to the Maybank or CIMB account that provided in the email.

Step 03 Please email your bank-in slip/ Print Screen of Online Transfer Statement to with the title [Order Lullabelle Soap].

Step 04 After confirming the bank-in transaction is successful, person in-charge will send the soap by skynet or poslaju within 7 working days. Usually it takes 1-3 days to have it delivered.

Step 05 An email will be sent out on the day when the soap is posted out. We don't provide the tracking number individually, we only use it if something goes wrong. We do that because tracking numbers are quite useless at the beginning. If you do not receive the parcel within 10 days, kindly contact Patty at 019-2171015 or email to Order lullabellesoap
Your invoice will contain our available payment options. All prices and postage are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (RM).

Postage is by skynet services or Pos Laju within Malaysia (west and east malaysia RM6 postage) and registered post to overseas.

Local pickups and deliveries may be arranged within the Serdang areas ( weekend or after 6pm during weekday only).

Items will be packaged and mailed in padded envelopes. More bulky orders will be sent in postal boxes.

I am not responsible for any tax or handling charge associated with your local post office, and there are no refunds or exchange.

We are always ready to answer your questions or assist you with any requests.

We accept the following payment methods:
-Bank In / Online Bank Transfer( Maybank or CIMB only)
-Credit Cards

每一塊皂...都用心滴製作, 不添加色素和香精,簡單、自然, 因為每回製作量少、製作成本高,且需花費四至八週的時間等待熟成,所以手工皂更顯難得與珍貴。



Step 01只需填寫以下必要的詳細資料:

2.收件人資料 (姓名、联络電話、邮寄地址) 电邮信箱电邮到 lullabellesoap的信箱,抬头请注明 [邮购露娜貝兒天然手工皂];

Step 02 请在接到lullabellesoap 的邮件回复后,再将您的订购价钱总数额存入银行户口:

Step 03 匯款完成後(請填寫匯款金額,匯款日期、帳號) 麻煩來信或留言,请将您的 Bank-in Slip / Print Screen of Online Transfer Statement 电邮

Step 04 lullabellesoap 负责人在确定收到款项之后,将会以快遞邮件在7個工作天内寄出有手工皂;Airpak快遞最快1天,最慢3 or 5天會抵達。

Step 05 lullabellesoap 负责人会在手工皂寄出当天透过电邮通知有关邮件资料;若在10天内仍未收到手工皂,敬请联络 Patty019-2171015或 电邮到的信箱



包裝說明 :手工皂寄出時,都是以最簡單的包裝。牛皮紙盒或者是二手紙盒,節省資源!如需包裝送禮,可另行告知Patty...目前有提供包裝的服務,不另收費^_^包裝可能需要一些時間,因為白天我有我自己的全職工作, 希望你們能諒解.

出貨一律以skynet郵局小包掛號 or pos malaysia郵局小包掛號/ 便利箱寄出西馬&東馬 一律RM 6

總重量 = 手工皂重量 + 100g (包裝重量)


About Lullabelle Soap

Lullabelle Handmade Soap-It all begins with the natural touch...

Here at lullabelle, we believe that simple is better and that is what we bring to you, simple and fresh soap, made with only natural ingredients. We believe that natural doesn’t have to be boring and various types of soap to choose from, there is a piece of happy soap for everyone. We are blissful to help make your life a little greener and cleaner.
All soaps are made by hand from scratch at our home kitchen (pet and smoke free) using only the finest ingredients, some are imported, and whenever possible they are organic and sustainable. Always striving to produce only high-quality soaps, every detail is carefully handcrafted, and guaranteed to be made with no additives or preservatives.Our goal is to offer an affordable & natural alternative to the commercially made, chemically laden products that are most common in today’s marketplace. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them, thanks for stopping by!The reward for you is a luxurious lather that leaves your skin clean, smooth and invigorated.Our soaps are gentle, long lasting and delightfully scented. Choose any of our soaps or body products to begin your journey to healthier, more beautiful skin. We offer all of our products as gifts or favors for any occasion.Our Handmade SoapOur soap is handcrafted in small batches, each recipe is crafted with care to incorporate the most pure and natural ingredients we can. We begin with premium plant oils – pure olive oil, coconut oil and sustainable palm oil – and then add in nourishing butters, fruit and nut oils.Next, we scent our soap with pure essential oils (no fragrance oils here!) and then add clays, herbs, botanicals, and spices for color and texture. Our soap contains 10 to 15 percent less lye (sodium hydroxide) than what is required for complete saponification. This means that some fats and oils are left in the soap, for a smooth, silky, clean sensation. Finally, we hand pour and cut each batch, letting the bars cure over a period of a few weeks to develop a perfect, mild bar of soap. At this point our bars are ready for sale! We offer them to you as gifts, party favors or just a treat for yourself.
At Lullabelle we are inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds us and we are committed to being a friend to the earth and doing what we can to help sustain it. To us, there is nothing better than a natural start or end to the day. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy creating them, and hope you take a little time to… LIVE. LOVE. LATHER.Many people never go back to using commercial soap once they have experienced handcrafted soap. To understand why...just compare the list of ingredients on a bar of commercially made soap to our all natural ingredients. We know you will absolutely fall in love with our handcrafted soap!露娜貝兒天然手工皂,全程冷製!All are natural. 天然手工皂能給你最自然健康的呵護,讓你愛上那柔細細的泡沫與沁人心扉的香氛,質地溫和又保護肌膚,洗後疲憊除盡,舒缓身心, 天天快樂……清潔,是美麗的第一步! 你是否曾經遇過適合自己的沐浴保養品,並且從中獲得愉悅的體驗;讓肌膚回歸最自然的原貌,沉浸在最天然、最溫柔的擁抱中的奇妙感受?拋開化學製品帶來的不適與傷害, 敞開毛細孔盡情呼吸,盡情地徜徉在無污染的保護之中。  除可依個人喜好,調和不同比例的油脂成分,使每塊皂具有獨一無二的獨特個性。貼心地?不同膚質量身訂做適性皂,是手工皂帶給人最大的體貼。融合氫 氧化鈉與油脂製作的皂液,在皂化過程中,更可依據需求、療效添加馥郁的精油,猶如幸福魔法師,賦予每塊香皂不同的穿著打扮與裝飾樣貌;讓手工皂除了既定的形狀外,還能以多樣化的外貌呈現,讓生活更添幸福感受。 手工皂可以清潔肌膚,甘油成分可以保留在肌膚表層,鎖住水分與保護肌膚,達到滋潤功能。而冷製手工皂的用意在於全程製作的溫度保持在攝氏五十度以下,作用是能夠維持每款油品的養分,不會因為皂化過程的溫度過高而導致流失。因為每回製作量少、製作成本高,且需花費四至八週的時間等待熟成,所以手工皂更顯難得與珍貴。冷製皂的製作過程天然,不會對於肌膚造成負擔,也能維護生態與環境,是最天然的清潔用品。選擇回歸自然無負擔的外在環境,除了是認真生活的態度外,更是一種寵愛自己的表現。寵愛自己、疼愛他人,從最自然的接觸開始......

by Lullabelle Dreamland (002077732-K)

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