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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Inocencia Bonbons 《限量版童心潔淨呵護組合》RM100

Inocencia Bonbons 《限量版童心潔淨呵護組合》 RM100 (worth RM117) FREE POSTAGE within MALAYSIA.

Inocencia Bonbons 《限量版童心潔淨呵護組合》 Limited Edition Gift Set contains:
Dinosaur Soap 130g恐龙
Purple Magical Ointment 20g《魔法紫草膏》 
Merry Baby Balm 20g《快樂寶寶金盞膏》
Enzyme Love Soap 50g酵素皂
Auspicious Repellent Cube 25g《平安防蚊砖》
MUJI Soap Foaming Net for Face & Body 1pcs《無印良品起泡網》

Our Natural Handmade Products make this a unique gift for Best friends, Baby, Mothers, Birthday or just because YOU deserve it. This is a perfect present for almost any occasion.
Dinosaur Soap 130g恐龙A richly foaming soap, this effective cleanser leaves you superbly refreshed and clean. We add extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil whose reinforces the moisturizing effect.
This Dinosaur Soap contain precious purple gromwell essence which has an obvious effect in skin recovery, wound healing, scar removing, inflammation diminishing, and promotion of skin cells and tissues.
It can reduce eczema and detoxify when used externally especially for people with acnes, prickly heat, eczema and itchiness due to unknown causes, inflammation and allergic skin.
紫草自古以來有皮膚外科救星之稱, 富含尿囊素,極佳修復力,促進細胞再生,加速循環,亦可用於尿布疹、主婦手、皮膚炎、等問題皮膚。具抗過敏功能,適合寶寶敏感肌膚及偏乾膚質(臉、身體、頭髮皆可使用).
我故意使用可爱恐龙的模型制作成肥皂,因为我的儿子特别爱恐龙, 希望这恐龙龙皂让他有快乐的洗澡时光.

Enzyme Love Soap 50g酵素皂 Anti-inflammation. Improving skin allergy issues, helps in neutralize harmful chemical toxins to our body.
天然抑菌又去炎. 酵素本身就具有很好的清潔能力,也很溫和。市面上將酵素用在清潔的產品也很多,此類酵素(蛋白酶)在整個製皂過程中都可以存活,且在使用時能好好的發揮它清潔的功力!(臉、身體、頭髮皆可使用).


Purple Magical Ointment 《魔法紫草膏》 Purple Magical ointment quickly soothes pesky bug bites; relieve pain, rashes, itchiness, reducing swelling and discomfort. Ideal to heal wounds caused by scratches, bites and sores which also reducing the chance of infection. 
魔法紫草膏以去腐生肌的紫草、薰衣草为主,配合清热解毒传统药材,独家配方,非常有效的帮助消除痘痘。几乎在第一次使用后都可以感受到 肌肤舒适,痘痘明显消炎消肿,脸上的痘疤、色印淡化,多次使用后,痘痘小多了,肌肤变得细致光滑! *這是真實的經驗,它確實有助於消除痘痘,但它會需要3- 7天。

魔法紫草膏除了驱 逐蚊虫外,更能纾缓放松一整天下来的压力,散发纯天然清新大地香氛,可使用于太阳穴或人中处立即放松~有效舒眠提高睡眠质量。

Merry Baby Balm 《快樂寶寶金盞膏》 Merry Baby Balm soothes and protects delicate skin while it’s carefully chosen aroma makes it a scented lullaby. Note: may cause sweet dreams! It is soothing, calming, anti-itch, and especially good for rashes and hives. 快樂寶寶金盞膏專門調理嬰兒小屁屁受刺激而產生的困擾, 能即時給予鎮定舒緩及修護, 使小屁屁回到原本嬌嫩的模樣. 除了調理寶寶的尿布疹, 如有蚊蟲叮咬或是小破皮也都可以拿來擦哦!不含類固醇、抗生素、致敏香料。敏感、乾性、異位性膚質及蠶豆症嬰幼兒適用。
随机發放 1 x Auspicious Repellent Cube 25g《平安防蚊砖香茅除了有效驱除蚊,蠓及小昆虫, 搭配抹草招福怯邪平安,非常适合平常居家使用! 平安防蚊砖可随意摆放在客厅办公桌底卧室房间 /厨房 / 厕所车子等等。平安防蚊砖适合摆放在容易被蚊虫干扰的空间或蚊虫容易聚集的地方。当驱蚊砖气味减少时,可用刀将防蚊砖表面轻轻削去,令内里的精油香味继续散发。


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