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Monday, January 24, 2011

temp out-Black Diamond《黑鑽石皂》RM18

Males or friends needing intensive cleaning are recommended to use this soap, in order to eliminate the sticky feeling in summer. It produces an intensive cleaning effect and has the double effect of refreshing and moistening.

Charcoal - not the one from your BBQ grill, but the specially processed activated kind - is an amazing substance. It adsorbs poisons such as lead and mercury many times over any other known substance.
Charcoal adsorbs vast amounts of gases, heavy metals, poisons, and other chemicals; thus rendering them ineffective and harmless. Ancient physicians including Hippocrates recommended the use of charcoal for medicinal purposes. North American Indians used it for skin infections. In Asia it has been used for centuries to whiten the skin.

Charcoal has proven track record for its detoxifying power. It is used to effectively cleanse and whiten your skin, unclog pores, remove impurities and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, resulting supple, delicate and smooth skin.

The charcoal swirl soap is scented with Hinoki Wood, Mandarin Orange and Rose Geranium essential oil to further give you the edge of the ultimately healthy skin. Hinoki Wood has great antiseptic properties, long lasting and moisturizing.Many of the most valuable uses of Hinoki Wood oil have to do with the skin. It is used in many acne preparations, and it can help to reduce redness and swelling.

Our charcoal soap is further enhanced with sweet almond oil to leave your skin softer, smoother and radiantly healthy.

Not tested on animals Pure, gentle and naturally moisturizing

RM18, 100g±10g bar, vegan friendly soap.

Ingredients: olive, coconut, sweet almond oil , jojoba oil & palm oil
Additives: charcoal powder
Essential oils:
Hinoki Wood, Mandarin Orange and Rose Geranium.

《备长炭渲染皂》去油防痘、去粉刺解毒 RM18 重量: 100g ±10g 這款也是廣受好評的皂,很多人覺得炭就是去油怕用了會太乾,其實不會喔,竹炭是可以深入毛孔深層清理髒污,毛孔不再粗大。使用备长炭製做,分子細小能深入毛孔清走污垢,長期使用可以改善粉剌。
备长炭的原材料是深山密林中沐风浴雨的原始阔叶林坚硬木材,经高温精炼后具有阻隔电磁波,释放负离子,释放远红外线,去污、除臭、杀菌、美容等特点,可为人类创造优质生活环境,故备长炭在日本韩国都享有“黑钻石”之美称,使用备长炭成为一种生活时尚。 备长炭用于皮肤,可深层清洁隐于皮肤下的污垢,释放远红外线,杀菌消炎,还皮肤以健康。备长炭具有缩小水分子的作用,水分子束越小越容易深入皮肤去除污垢。

1 超强的吸附功能,可扫除油光污垢及预防青春痘。
2 保湿性好,竹备长炭有超强的吸水性能,保湿性也很好。
3 按摩皮肤,竹炭具有超强的远红外功能,含有竹炭的护肤用品,对皮肤有按摩效能,促进血液循环,加快新陈代谢,用保细胞活性,使皮肤更加年轻化。




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