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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Molly Olivia Soap《薏仁燕麥皂》RM20

Oat helps regulate the excess oil of the skin by revitalizing it gently. moisturizes and gives skin its soft, smooth and natural appearance.

Oatmeal provides exfoliating and colloidal (fine) qualities. In the exfoliating action, oatmeal flakes scrub away dead skin cells. The soothing colloidal action of oatmeal binds moisturizing emollients to your skin so that it is softer and more elastic. Oatmeal also reduces redness, itching and minor skin irritations.

Barley Extract prevents skin irritation and neutralizes damaging free radicals.Oats and barley are healing grains. They are rich in vitamins and beta glucan which soothes sensitive skin, moisturizes dry skin and relieves itching, irritation, and inflammation. They also make a pair of good partner for the people wear make up regularly and rough skin and good in moisturizing. We add raw goat milk to whose reinforces the moisturizing effect. The goat milk we use is fresh, not powdered. Unlike powdered goat milk, fresh goat milk is loaded with vitamins (A, B6, C, D, and E), milk sugars, proteins, & butterfat.

Goat milk contributes a thicker lather and slightly higher acidity than regular milk, making it great for combination skin. Goat milk sensitivities are extremely rare. Even those who are allergic or intolerant of cow's milk are generally not sensitive to goat milk.

Chamomile essential oil have excellent calming properties, effective for irritation, impatience and feeling disagreeable, and has great value in treating PMS and other menstrual and menopausal problems.

Not tested on animals Pure, gentle and naturally moisturizing

RM20, 100g±10g bar, earth friendly soap.
Ingredients: goat milk,olive, palm, coconut, macadamia oil,jojoba, sweet almond oil, chamomile essential oil, French green clay, barley powder(finely grinded) , oat powder(finely grinded)

《薏仁燕麥皂》紧致净白, 清洁保湿RM20 重量: 100g ±10g

燕麥有維生素B群, 礦物質及蛋白質,具有很好的抗發炎及緊膚功能,能有效延緩肌膚衰老,美白肌膚及溫和清除角質層。

薏仁含有蛋白質、脂肪、棕梠酸、薏仁素、維生素B1等多種有效成分。外用能夠光滑柔軟肌膚,加速肌膚血液循環,抑制黑色素形成。敏感性肌膚的朋友非常適合使用這款皂,不會刺激,造成癢痛的感覺喔。 燕麦深层清洁皮肤,去除角质,皮肤清洁保湿,薏仁有美白、去水消肿的功效,使皮肤紧致净白。

羊奶入皂可提供肌膚充分的滋養成分,燕麥薏仁具有美白保濕功效,洗時還可洗到細細的燕麥薏仁粉末,可達美白潤延效果! 长期使用,美白的同时能治疗褐斑、雀斑、面疱,使斑点消失并滋润肌肤,同时还对紫外线有吸收能力。

露娜貝兒的羊奶,选用100%有机牧场有浓厚羊奶气息的浓郁粘稠的新鲜羊奶作为原料,羊奶混合了橄榄油经过皂化,还能闻到羊奶气息就可证明是高含量羊奶 添加,为国喜欢有机羊奶皂及爱闻到羊奶气息的你特别调制。试验下你一定会爱上清洁后脸蛋干净又水嫩的感觉。。(注意:本店羊奶皂良心保证绝不使用奶粉, 奶粉可以使得皂有浓烈的奶味,但是绝对不会给皮肤任何的天然养分)


洋甘菊精油: 改善干燥皮肤和湿疹皮肤, 改善敏感和脆弱皮肤, 改善缺水和干裂及脱皮皮肤, 改善油而缺水的皮肤, 可平衡油脂分泌,增加皮肤自身保湿性.



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