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Monday, October 22, 2012

Chin Lee Mama Mother's Milk Custom Order《Chin Lee 媽媽母乳皂代製》

2 batches of Marseilles breast milk soap ordered by Chin Lee Mama with lime and sweet orange essential oils. Marseilles soap has its own strict rules about its production and ingredients. Each block is made with at least 72% olive oil, Marseilles soap is pound of wonderful natural goodness.  
Sweet orange discourages the formation of wrinkles, and hence delays aging. It promotes blood flow towards the skin and brings a natural radiance to it. Lime essential oil great benefits in cleansing wounds, killing bacteria and viruses, to clean and tone skin (especially oily skin) restore balance to bodily organs, including skin, and as a tonic. 
Thank you Chin Lee mama for the trust and patience and hope the soap bring her and her family happiness, purity and healthy.
剩餘母乳其實丟掉很捨不得~因為是身體一部份~是上天給予的恩寵! 不是一輩子都有的! 珍貴母乳有多種不飽和脂肪酸,能對肌膚產生立即的滋潤效果。何不好好善加利用! 
特別以母乳皂做為清潔用品, 這份愛更親近與親子觀關係!純母乳皂絕對能深得妳心。 馬賽皂能在清潔的同時,為您的寶貴肌膚提供適度的保濕效果。馬賽皂容易起泡、好沖洗不殘留,使用後不會讓您的肌膚感到乾澀或油膩。
 喜歡我將滿滿的祝福和心情灌注在每塊手工皂裡~ 謝謝你 Chin Lee Mama~


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