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Monday, April 1, 2013

Gina Mother's Milk Custom Order《Gina 媽媽母乳皂代製》

2 batches of hinoki + mugwort breast milk soap for Gina lovely lady. Hinoki Wood essential oil has great antiseptic properties, long lasting and moisturizing. It smoothes your skin's texture, minimizes visible signs of aging, and simulates circulation.

With skin complaints mugwort is said to alleviate eczema, acne and psoriasis. It is also helpful with actinic keratosis, reducing the abnormal cell production and promoting healthy cell growth.

Added some charcoal swirl on top of the soap for better vision effect and also anti negative ion on our body. Thank you Gina mama for re-order and hope my soap beneficial to her!
母奶是上天所賜與的珍貴寶物, 除了讓宝宝吸收可獲得極高的營養外,還可以物盡其用變成清潔養顏聖品!
檜木氣味天然溫暖祥和,可以幫助平緩濕疹, 痤瘡、皮炎、不安的肌膚。
艾草可加速皮肤的血液循环,使老化细胞代谢,新细胞再生加强,淡化色斑,减少皱纹,使肤色红润,延缓衰老. 加了一些竹炭粉在皂的顶部增加视觉效果和抗负离子!
喜歡我將滿滿的祝福和心情灌注在每塊手工皂裡~ 母乳皂泡沫纖細柔軟, 能加強肌膚保溼力、給予肌膚長效潤澤前所未有沐浴體驗!希望Gina媽媽會喜歡露娜貝兒所代製的母乳皂! ^__^

Patty 媽媽貼心小叮嚀:
手作皂的素材天然、溫和,臉部可用的也適用身體、寶寶可用的你用也好,能調節頭皮的配方, 也可用在身體及臉部的肌膚,所以手作皂可適用臉及全身,請安心使用。手作皂是弱鹼性產品,具微刺激性,使用時請小心不要噴濺到眼睛,若不小心噴濺到眼睛請以大量清水沖洗即可。


Soap Storage: Keep in a cool & dry place


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