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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Rose Bambi Bonbons《呵護宝贝组合》 RM120-SOLD OUT

Rose Bambi Bonbons《呵護宝贝组合》Gift Set includes 7 essential items made with safe and natural ingredients. Delight for both baby and mom. The set is wrapped in a beautiful reusable 2-tiers plate style tiffin — perfect for art and crafts, diaper storage, photos, toys, and more!

In the Tiffin-Calendula Love Marseilles, Merry Baby Balm, Pure Lip Balm, Purple Magical Ointment,  Macaron Herbal Soaps, Good Wishes Hexagon Coaster and Pastel Enamel Tiffin (worth RM 160) FREE POSTAGE.

Pastel Tiffin 2 Tiers Small (Plate Style) or Mangkuk Tingkat《珐琅质2层Tiffin Box》 Food Safe Enamel Materials. Diameter 9cm & Height 5cm.  Lunch Box or Great gift basket to our family, friends or all sorts of events e.g. wedding, full moon , engagement, decoration, tea party and etc.

Calendula Love Marseilles《金盞花愛心馬賽皂》 This soap has no added essential oils and which is ideal for sensitive and delicate, dry or damaged skin, suitable for children as well as adults. Has a light herbal scent. It is ideal soap for babies. 適用於所有膚質。鎮定敏感膚質;修護疤痕;改善溼疹及乾癬患處;滋潤乾燥肌膚;針對細嫩的嬰孩肌膚或成人的敏感性肌膚特別有效。

Purple Magical Ointment 《魔法紫草膏》 Purple Magical ointment quickly soothes pesky bug bites; relieve pain, rashes, itchiness, reducing swelling and discomfort. Ideal to heal wounds caused by scratches, bites and sores which also reducing the chance of infection.

Merry Baby Balm 《快樂寶寶金盞膏》 Merry Baby Balm soothes and protects delicate skin while it’s carefully chosen aroma makes it a scented lullaby. Note: may cause sweet dreams! It is soothing, calming, anti-itch, especially good for rashes and hives. 快樂寶寶金盞膏專門調理嬰兒小屁屁受刺激而產生的困擾, 能即時給予鎮定舒緩及修護, 使小屁屁回到原本嬌嫩的模樣. 除了調理寶寶的尿布疹, 如有蚊蟲叮咬或是小破皮也都可以拿來擦哦!不含類固醇、抗生素、致敏香料。敏感、乾性、異位性膚質及蠶豆症嬰幼兒適用。

Good Wishes Hexagon Coaster 《碎布六角型杯垫》 ♥ It bring a meaning to welcome new life and blessing. And great use to rest beverage upon.Limited & Handmade with Love

Pure Lip Balm 《天然無添加護唇膏》 This lip balm is made with very rich oil, with plant oils and natural beewax.Smooth, creamy and silky, not waxy.

2 Pieces of Macaron Herbal Soaps《馬卡龍草本皂》随机發放 This soap help balance skin PH and deep cleanse. Suitable for Normal, Oily and Combination skin. 帮助阻塞的皮肤排出毒素,有效改善干燥皮肤、皱纹及湿疹。平衡皮肤的酸碱值、主要功能:深层清洁.


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