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Friday, June 8, 2012

custom order bébé pet soap《貝貝宠物皂》&slimming soap 《海藻姜減肥皂》

Naturals bébé Pet Soap is a wonderful relief for dogs ,cats or fury kids suffering Herbs to naturally repel fleas, ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes. bébé Pet Soap leaves coats shiny and healthy without stripping away natural oils, and helps sooth irritated skin, leaving pets clean and smelling great.

•wet down your pet
•rub the bar on your pet's coat to make a rich lather
•massage the shampoo deep into your pet's fur
•rinse well and rub your pet with a clean, dry towelingredients: coconut oil, olive infused purple gromwell oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, canola oil, patchouli essential oil, mugwort essential oil, chamomile essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, peppermint essential oil, menthol精心推出的貝貝宠物皂,特別考量到毛小孩的特性,金盞花油和紫草油,當然身為主人的您洗起來也是很好喔~就讓您的宠物來告訴您,牠喜歡什麼!
天然的皂皂,强力温和的去污力,保护您的小宠不受化学物质的侵害,而且皂体虽小起泡却很充分哟, 做个细心的小宠妈咪、爹地吧!

本款專為毛小孩設計的天然手工皂,主要訴求能為毛小孩驅蟲並去除頑劣跳蚤。艾草精油氣味能使毛小孩身上的蟲蚤遠離。而所添加的檜木,艾草,檸檬& 甜橙精油,也具抗微生物、驅蟲及除臭等效果,同時氣味具有穿透力,獨特香氛亦能讓寵物感到舒適平靜, 鎮定,並利於呼吸系統,對於被跳蚤、蚊蟲或寄生蟲咬傷的皮膚也有很好的止痕效果。

多款基底油中含豐富維他命E油則讓毛色柔亮有光澤,充分滋潤、洗後卻不會 留下油膩感。讓我們心愛的宠物一同享受天然、無負擔的清潔體驗。

Another custom order soap for christine is slimming soap, and hopefully this soap do help in firming, shaping and burn fat.
海藻姜減肥皂由純天然植物製成,具有高度減肥作用。此皂所含海藻, 咖啡, sireh emas&姜的稀有元素具強大滲透力,可經體表滲入皮膚中,既可洗淨毛細孔之污物,防止皮下多余脂肪生成和堆积,促進血液循環, 日久身材變得苗條。每日洗澡時使用,需要重點減肥部位加以局部按摩效果更理想。
slimming soap: helps to burn fat and cellulite in the skin.
Ingredients: coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, grapefruit eo, seaweed powder, sireh emas extract, coffee powder, ginger powder.


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