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Friday, September 14, 2012

Bella Belly Oil《貝拉妊娠紋護理油》RM62 MAKE TO ORDER

Bella Belly Oil- Prevent & Lightening stretch marks, safe for pregnancy!
With nourishing oils to increase skin elasticity, moisturize away itchiness, lighten the stretch mark& lines. Regular use visibly helps to correct the appearance of stretch marks on your pregnant belly; your thighs, bottom and breasts; and helps prevent the appearance of new ones.
Lullabelle Bella Belly Oil with a base of extra virgin coconut oil which is a safe solution for preventing dryness and flaking of skin. It also delays wrinkles, and sagging of skin.
Calendula oil is an excellent anti inflammatory and antiseptic making it beneficial to sore, inflamed itchy skin conditions. It promotes healing, increases collagen production and cell regeneration. It also aids in the reduction of scars making it ideal for many skin conditions. It is a wonderful oil to have on hand at all times.
Ingredient: Extra virgin coconut oil,calendula oil,sweet almond oil,lemon eo ,grapefruiteo &eucalyptus eo.
貝拉妊娠紋護理油 100g-预防妊娠纹 滋润有弹性
适用于每日使用,预防肌肤松弛, 紧实肌肤,有助于避免产生妊娠紋。

* It is make to order product. Once you place order, take 3-7 days to be ready!You can also custom order your favorite essential oils according your needs.


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