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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tualang Honey 天然野蜂蜜 490g RM38*Zakka Collection

Tualang Honey-Guaranteed Pure and Authentic
Tualang honey is extracted from honeycombs found atop Malaysia's tallest tree - Tualang tree - which grows to an astonishing height of more than 250m (about 30 storeys) and found in East Asian rainforests and is mostly found in Peninsular Malaysia, southern Thailand, northeastern Sumatra, Borneo and Palawan. The towering tree is best known as home of the Apis dorsatas or Asian rock bees, the world's largest honeybees and the most ferocious, who build their disc-shaped honeycombs on horizontal branches of the tree and each tree can have more than 100 honeycombs.

Benefits of Tualang Honey
• Makes hair and eyes more healthy and shinier.
• Helps with brighter and clearer eye sight.
• Accelerates the healing process for damaged skin when applied on, and protects from bacteria infection
• Promotes healthier, smoother and younger-looking skin. Forget about beauty pills because the habit of taking honey can achieve natural beauty without hurting your body.
• Strengthens digestion system and resistance to food-poisoning.• Eases bowel movement.
• Effective to relieve lasting cough.

• Strengthen breathing and reduces asthma attack.
• Energize body of pregnant women. Unlike certain medication which cannot be taken during pregnancy, honey is a natural energy food that is suitable for pregnant mothers.
• Honey can reduce nausea feeling during pregnancy, especially in the morning (aka. morning sickness). For best effect, take honey before going to sleep every day.
• Source of alternative sugar for kidney patients and diabetics. Continued intake of honey can help to control the glucose level in blood.

• Restores energy after menstruation or after prolonged diarrhea.
• Supplies energy whole day and reduces fat intake
• Rich in mineral and natural sugar that is easy to digest.
• Promotes the absorption of calcium in the body.
• Natural fiber suitable for any situation.

There are hundreds of benefits from honey. As food, cure or health supplement, honey can be beneficial to anyone.

Personal Experience: I would like to share my experience during consume Tualang Honey. Previously, i have some discomfort climbing the staircase after giving birth, my leg joints are painful with each step i take climbing the staircase. After drinking the tualang honey daily, my joints are less painful and i am more energetic to work and care for my baby. Apart from benefiting my body, i will also use the Tualang honey as my face mask. The Tualang honey also helps in lighten pimple scars and brown spots. My face is now less dry and revitalized.

Tualang 天然野蜂蜜-保證純正天然-490g
天然蜂蜜营养丰富,富含糖分如葡萄糖,矿物质如镁、钙质、钾、氯化钠、硫、铁质,以及维他命B1、B2、C、B6、B5和B3。Tualang 野蜜(一種喬木-巨樹採擷的蜂蜜)好處數不盡!
1. 減少婦女停經期的心悸、冒汗問題;
2. 減少傷勢中有害細菌,淡化傷疤;
3. 減少患癌者因化療遭破壞的細胞,具有更佳修復體內細胞功能。野蜂蜜看上去相对比较稀,不怎么甜,但花香扑鼻,各种功效比家蜂蜜强。(附:家蜂蜜较稠,甜味重,花香味相对淡,如直接大口喝,很多人会呛着,甜到喉咙的感觉。 )


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