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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Yvonne Mama Mother's Milk Custom Order《Yvonne 媽媽母乳皂代製》

All 10 batches of breast milk soaps specially dedicated for baby, kids, sensitive, problematic and rashes skin which are the following:
a. 2 bacthes of Mugwort Blessing Soap
Main ingredients: calendula infused oil ,mugwort powder, mugwort e.o, patchouli e.o and mugwort soap pieces
b. 2 batches of Hinoki Blessing Soap
Main ingredients: sweet almond oil, calendula infused oil,hinoki eo & hinoki powder
c. 1 Chamomile Baby Soap
Main ingredients: calendula infused oil, chamomile powder, grapefruit e.o & sweet orange e.o
d. 1 Calendula Blessing Soap
Main ingredients: Calendula oil, calendula powder, calendula petals, sweet orange and may chang
e. 1 Artemisia Baby Soap
Main ingredients: Calendula oil, artemisia powder, eucalyptus e.o, peppermint e.o, &lavender soap pieces
f.1 Osmanthus Baby Soap
Main ingredients: osmanthus powder, euclaytus, peppermint e.o &patchouli e.o, calendula oil, macadamia oil
g.1 Pearl Baby Soap
Main ingredients: pearl powder & charcoal powder(on top as swirling), lavender eo, rosemary eo, calendula oil
h. 1 Seven White Herbal Soap
Main ingredients: 1 seven powder, calendula soap pieces, calendula oil, rosemary oil, rose oil

Due to there are many type of soaps, therefore I just listed down function of the herb powder and essential oil that I used for this custom made breast milk soaps.Herbs powder & Essential oils:
Hinoki powder and hinoki wood essential oils in it! Hinoki Wood has great antiseptic properties, long lasting and moisturizing. It smoothes your skin's texture, minimizes visible signs of aging, and simulates circulation. Good for people with allergy, eczema, psoriasis and Potent antioxidant properties.Pearl powder which Chinese believe calm the spirit, steady the mind and promote good sleep as well as beautifies the skin.
Peppermint essential oil has its ability to treat indigestion, respiratory problems, headache, nausea, fever, stomach and bowel spasms and pain.

May chang essential oil has astringent-like properties, and as such, it helps close the skin pores, preventing skin conditions. It also helps cure skin blemishes and tightens the skin, retaining a youthful appearance. It also relieves excessive oil in the skin by maintaining the oil balance, and prevents pimples, acne and black or whiteheads. May chang oil also helps cure dermatitis and psoriasis. In lactating mothers, May chang essential oil helps in milk secretion.
Eucalyptus essentials oil offers more unique benefits. You can use Eucalyptus oil to do everything from healing wounds faster to solving respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma. Of course, like many other essential oils, Eucalyptus can also be used as a hair care product or as a household aroma.

Calendula infused oil, caledula and powder are considered to be the most nourishing ingredients for sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Artemisia powder is added in the soap production, which contains essential minerals and vitamins for healthy skin. It can help to ease muscle pain and heal skin lesions, insect bites, and bruises.

Other uses for wormwood include fever reduction, reducing pain for women during labor, and easing the symptoms of depression. Artemisia has the most comprehensive positive good energy. It does help us purify the body and mind and our skin complexion.Charcoal powder has proven track record for its detoxifying power. It is used to effectively cleanse and whiten your skin, unclog pores, remove impurities and dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, resulting supple, delicate and smooth skin.
Osmanthus flower powder added to promotes beautiful skin, provide radiant skin and improve the appearance of skin.

Seven White powder good for whitening, reduce scars and make the skin glow and radiant. It was specially formulated by Taiwanese Chinese Herb Medicine Doctor according Malaysia skin types and weather.

Sweet Orange essential oil has zesty citrus, sweet, strong aroma and it is cheering, refreshing, uplifting, and comforting.
Chamomile powder & e.o ideal ingredient to be used in general skin care, and especially where inflammation may be present, such as in various skin problems, including acne, irritation and other forms of rashes and skin complaints, plus the fact that it promotes granulation and cell regeneration.

Hinoki Essential Oil is well known for its ability to naturally kill bacteria, viruses, viral infections and fungus. Hinoki Oil is said to have a relaxing and decongestant effect on the body, helping to relieve tension and stress. It is also excellent for alleviating sinus and chest congestion and respiratory problems. Hinoki Oil is considered to be gentle on the skin and is a very effective antiseptic for healing and treating skin problems, such as rashes, cuts, abrasions and minor skin irritations.Grapefruit essential oil can also be applied as an antiseptic on wounds, cuts, acne and infections to prevent any microbial infections.

Mugwort essential oil is good for women’s complaints and supports the womb. It eases painful menstrual cramps, relaxes tension through the abdominal area and encourages blood flow when periods are delayed or scanty. With skin complaints mugwort is said to alleviate eczema, acne and psoriasis. It is also helpful with actinic keratosis, reducing the abnormal cell production and promoting healthy cell growth.

Patchouli is effective for fungal and bacterial infection and is of great help for insect bites. It could also be used as an insect repellant and effective in fighting water retention and to break up cellulite, easing constipation and helping to reduce overweight. Furthermore, it has a great deodorizing action, and helps when feeling hot and bothered, while cooling down inflammations and assisting with wound healing.

The health benefits of lavender essential oil include its ability to remove nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems.

Rosemary essential oil helps to ease congestion, puffiness and swelling and can also be used for acne, dermatitis and eczema, but a very popular use of this oil is the use in hair care products, as it has a pronounced positive effect on the health of the hair and scalp. It increases the circulation to the scalp and is therefore also effective for promoting hair growth.

Rose oil have a host of beneficial affects on the skin and are great for promoting a youthful complexion with good tone, elasticity and an even colored complexion.

Hope Yvonne Mama and her baby will love it and I truly appreciated the trust and patience given by Yvonne Mama.Back to mother milk soap, if any mommies have extra or expired mother milk, you can always turn mother milk into soap and mother milk soap is very mild and tender to baby skin as well as adult too. If you have no experience or less time or etc, you can always custom order your mother milk order with Patty, detailed please click HERE!

每次都與眾不同母乳皂, 從裡到外都是媽媽愛!

這一次Yvonne媽媽訂購了10批的母乳皂, 她想作出專門針對嬰兒或孩子的敏感,濕疹, 皮疹和問題皮膚.所以我設計8個不同款的母乳皂,請參閱以下Yvonne Mama的母乳皂:

A. 2批 艾草福皂

主要成分:金盞花浸泡油,艾草粉, 艾草碎皂, 艾草和廣藿香精油
B. 2 批 檜木福皂
主要成分:甜杏仁油, 金盞花浸泡油,檜木, 檜木粉, 和檜木精油
C.1 批洋甘菊寶貝皂
D. 1 批金盞花寶貝皂
主要成分:金盞花浸泡油,金盞花粉, 金盞花瓣, 山雞椒精油和甜橙精油
E. 1 批抹草寶貝皂
主要成分:金盞花浸泡油,抹草粉, 尤加利&薄荷精油, 薰衣草碎皂
F. 1 批桂花寶貝皂
主要成分:金盞花浸泡油,桂花粉, 尤加利,薄荷&廣藿香精油
G. 1 批珍珠寶貝皂
主要成分:金盞花浸泡油,珍珠粉, 竹炭粉, 薰衣草&迷迭香精油
H. 1 批七白草藥皂
主要成分:金盞花浸泡油,七白粉, 金盞花碎皂, 玫瑰&迷迭香精油


金盞花浸泡油& 金盞花粉: 有鎮靜修復及安撫的作用,對於發炎狀態中的皮膚有極佳的效果由於其作用溫和,也常見用於乳液或嬰兒用品的成份中, 可以保濕並修護皮膚. 適用於所有膚質。鎮定敏感膚質;修護疤痕;改善溼疹及乾癬患處;滋潤乾燥肌膚;針對細嫩的嬰孩肌膚或成人的敏感性肌膚特別有效。

檜木粉&精油可以幫助平緩濕疹, 痤瘡、皮炎、不安的肌膚。

艾草粉&精油可加速皮肤的血液循环,使老化细胞代谢 ,新细胞再生加强,淡化色斑,减少皱纹,使肤色红润,延缓衰老,可改善眼袋、黑眼圈、眼睑下垂、皱纹、延缓眼部的松弛老化现象,使眼部恢复光彩,增强人体的免疫力、强身健体。



七白粉(就是用七位中药配出来的白芷、白术、白茯苓、白芨、白芍、白附子、白蔹)對于美白皮膚有特效。對于消除皮膚斑點、消除皮膚痘痘有着立竿見影的效 果。由于天生或者後天曝曬或者過度使用護膚品而造成的出現皮膚黑、黄、多斑、痘痘、粉刺、暗疮等皮膚特徵以後,使用七白粉能够有效解决這些問题。




廣藿香精油具有促進細胞再生、促進傷口結疤、抗發炎的效用,同時也能抗菌。對皮膚問題特別有效,諸如溼疹、香港腳、蜂窩性組織炎、黴菌感染等各種皮膚困擾都適用。 廣藿香精油改善粗糙龜裂的皮膚、以及各種傷口與瘡,也能稍稍改善粉刺問題,特別是改善化膿性面皰。廣藿香精油能使心情平衡,達到振奮、抗憂鬱、並消除嗜睡的效果。


甜橙精油: 具消炎、抗菌功效。對油性或乾燥皮膚、濕疹有護理功效

尤加利精油: 具止痛消炎功效,幫助平衡皮脂分泌,並兼具滋養肌膚之效.

薰衣草精油: 改善面皰,平衡油脂、淡斑,及護髮等功效.
母乳皂泡沫纖細柔軟, 能加強肌膚保溼力、給予肌膚長效潤澤前所未有沐浴體驗!
希望Yvonne媽媽會喜歡露娜貝兒所代製的母乳皂! ^__^


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