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Friday, March 2, 2012

Jane Mama second time Mother's Milk Custom Order《Jane 媽媽第二次母乳皂代製 》

1st batch of mother milk soap is chamomile rose soap. This soap helps brighten the skin to reveal a smoother glowing skin, naturally. Chamomile powder & e.o ideal ingredient to be used in general skin care, and especially where inflammation may be present, such as in various skin problems, including acne, irritation and other forms of rashes and skin complaints, plus the fact that it promotes granulation and cell regeneration.And Rose essential oil have a host of beneficial affects on the skin and are great for promoting a youthful complexion with good tone, elasticity and an even colored complexion.A healthy dose of sweet almond oil provides a lavish moisturizer.
Second batch of mother milk soap will be Seven white lavender soap. Seven White powder good for whitening, reduce scars and make the skin glow and radiant. It was specially formulated by Taiwanese Chinese Herb Medicine Doctor according Malaysia skin types and weather. And added lavender essential oil which has its ability to remove nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect scalp and skin, enhance blood circulation and treat respiratory problems.

Both breast milk soap I used high percentage of Calendula infused oil as the base oil for Jane Mama, calendula oil considered to be the most nourishing ingredients for sensitive skin, eczema and psoriasis. Both soaps are ideal for sensitive and delicate, dry or damaged skin, suitable for children as well as adults.Hope Jane Mama will love this special formula breast milk soap that I cater for her!

母乳的營養價值極高,可以製作出珍貴且溫和的母乳皂. 母乳皂可以呵護我們的肌膚,是最天然、環保的皂, 也是對肌膚沒有負擔的皂。第一批母乳皂做了洋甘菊玫瑰母乳皂,燕麥有維生素B群,礦物質及蛋白質,具有很好的抗發炎及緊膚功能,能有效延緩肌膚衰老,美白肌膚及溫和清除角質層。燕麦深层清洁皮肤,去除角质,皮肤清洁保湿,薏仁有美白、去水消肿的功效,使皮肤紧致净白。
玫瑰一直以來都是護膚聖品,它用來減緩細紋產生,防止皮膚老化,並給予皮膚深層的滋潤。玫瑰最大的效用在於美白保濕 , 消除疲勞!洋甘菊粉增加肌膚免疫力,修復過敏肌膚,快速補充水分,強化皮膚的抵抗力,令肌膚柔潤淨白,晶瑩剔透,改善肌膚乾燥痕癢,尤其適合用在兩頰,及乾燥、過敏及易起疹子的區域皮膚使用 ,用後皮膚會有相當程度的柔軟、舒適感及抗敏力.
洋甘菊精油: 改善干燥皮肤和湿疹皮肤, 改善敏感和脆弱皮肤, 改善缺水和干裂及脱皮皮肤, 改善油而缺水的皮肤, 可平衡油脂分泌,增加皮肤自身保湿性.第二批母乳皂做了七白粉皂,七白粉(就是用七位中药配出来的白芷、白术、白茯苓、白芨、白芍、白附子、白蔹)對于美白皮膚有特效。對于消除皮膚斑點、消除皮膚痘痘有着立竿見影的效果。由于天生或者後天曝曬或者過度使用護膚品而造成的出現皮膚黑、黄、多斑、痘痘、粉刺、暗疮等皮膚特徵以後,使用七白粉能够有效解决這些問题。添加其中的薰衣草精油有着迷人的芬芳并且能鎮靜、預防感冒、舒解壓力、鬆弛神經、消除疲勞、幫助入眠;對於皮膚外傷及曬傷有再生效果。在神經緊張性的消化毛病上有鬆弛作用。薰衣草味道清香,镇静舒缓肌肤,对痘痘肌还有温和净痘作用。

希望Jane Mama和家裡的宝贝會喜歡及用得暢快舒服!

Back to mother milk soap, if any mommies have extra or expired mother milk, you can always turn mother milk into soap and mother milk soap is very mild and tender to baby skin as well as adult too. If you have no experience or less time or etc, you can always custom order your mother milk order with Patty, detailed please click HERE!


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